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“The Man Who Could Fly” By Kathy Hurley

With many good years left to give
With gasoline running through his veins
He always knew there was room to gain
He never gave up when the going got tough
Went the extra mile when the road was rough
Even as a rookie he was an inspiration……
Making that pass without consideration
The most aggressive driver I ever knew
Even when he drove the yellow and blue
What should have been a happy day
Ended in such a tragic way
One of the happiest in the “Great Man’s” life
He should have been there holding his wife
He’d spun them and flipped them……end over end
With many a bruises left to tend
He was cunning and totally fearless
When he moved on not a face was tearless
Many believed he could “see the air”
And for years he wasn’t always fair
But a man emerged, true to his heart
Who was always there……..doing his part
Many say he was selfish……..always out for himself
But he was never one to be left on the shelf
Oddly he perished…..not charging for the lead
But protecting those he loved…..his son and friend indeed
The Man of the Hour…….Tower of Power
The one who could make the strongest man cower
Whether in the lead or the very last
We knew next week he would be twice as fast
Be it on the first……….or the very last mile
He was always there with the Intimidating smile
He was feared and loved the world around
Always known for breaking ground
Whether first or last…… or slow
We knew he would bathe in the afterglow
NASCAR has never known a bigger name
A man who knew how to play the game
They lost the greatest driver ever
Will he be replaced…..NO……NEVER
The Man in Black………….number three
The man so wise……..daring and free
Either serious or acting a clown
Earnhardt motto…. “NEVER SLOW DOWN”
He went out at the top of his game
Everyone will remember his name

He went out each week…….giving it his all
Everyone wondered “Will this man ever fall?”
Well the legend has fallen
The Lord had come a callin’
He took him by the hand
And said “I hope you understand
“But we need a hero in heaven
Who better than the Cup Champ of seven
“We need an angel to watch over the drivers
And to lend guidance to the new arrivers”
So keep him close in your minds and hearts
And rest assured he has done his part
In giving us some codes to live by
And remember him as “The Man Who Could F ly”