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Like a guardian angel from three cars back,

Watching Michael & Dale Jr. as they circled the track.

No intention of winning, just holding his place,

So proud of his "boys" now winning the race.

We thought it was over, the end was so near.

No time for pain; no time for fear.

We did not know, as there was no sign,

Dale was only one-quarter mile from his final finish line.

Within an instant, NASCAR fans would be facing,

An eternal change in their world of racing.

He was one of the greatest; beloved in his sport,

With a grand career now sadly cut short.

All the crowd noticed was excitement and debris,

But a miracle was happening we could not see.

Dale said goodbye through shining metal and chrome,

As God gave "NUMBER 3" the checkered flag "home".

But forever in our hearts, and in the scheme of things,

We'll picture him circling heaven with black and red wings.

Grinning; telling angels .. and even the Creator,

"Look out over there ... here comes the