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A Winner One More Time

The Daytona 500 was almost over one more time,
They had ran 499,
And around the track one last time,
They headed for the finish line.
Michael Waltrip had won the race,
As all of the others gave chase.

The lightning flashed and the thunder rolled,
as the checkered flag did fall,
Number three had hit the wall.
And so on this fateful day,
Dale Earnhardt was called away.

Off in a distant, faraway place,
it was the end to another race.
Heading for the finish line,Could it be,
Yes, it was that big number three.

The mist Cleared and the clouds did part,
Crossing that finish line was Dale Earnhardt.
Dale has won the biggest race of all,
Because he answered when Jesus called.
Trusting Jesus and following him all the way,
made Dale a winner that day.

by KEN NICKELS 2-18-0