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Dear Fans
      By: JMB

I hear that you are sad.
It can't be that bad.
For I can bear,
To be up here

The guys say you mourn,
And at God's name you have sworn
But have no fear,
Because I am here.
Always looking down
And never with a frown.

The family that I have left behind
Has never been so kind.
Thank you for the great support.
And thank you for never asking me to 'abort.'
The memories that I have gained,
Will always, and forever, remain.
Thank you one, thank you all,
And please remember to always stand tall.

There's just one last thing that I must say
To make all of your regrets go away:
I don't believe I really died
If everyone keeps me safe inside.

Thank you Dale, for all of the great memories that you have left us with. We
will never forget you.  Your memory will live on inside of us.  Peace be
with you, and your family.