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Dales Poem - by wannabe

This year was to be the best,

We’d get to see every race they would run. Starting with the Shootout at Daytona

To the finish in Atlanta when the Season’s done.

Watching Dale and Dale and DJ and Jeff

And Jeff Burton and Mark and the rest

Compete every week, every lap, every track

To see who’s the overall best.

Then Daytona arrived, the green flag fell,

The race for the best had begun.

They ran it 5 wide, our hearts beating fast...

Race season was here, let’s have fun!

The white flag fell, the crowd’s on their feet Watching the battle for first.

The 15, 8 and 3, running up front,

No one expecting the worst.

The 3 shut the door, tagged a car then the wall,

Dale had done it once more...

He’ll miss the Checkers at the 500 again Another 495 is the score.

DEI took 1-2, what a race they had run

But all eyes were in Turn 4

Where Schraeder and Dale were in the grass

And they’d walk away once more.

But this time was different, this crash had gone wrong,

The Man in Black had died.

The fans were in shock, his family mourned

And almost as one, we all cried.

Dale would not want us to mourn,

He’d want us to go on. He want us to cheer for our drivers each year

No matter that he was gone.

So come the next race, though there is no 3,

Let’s root for our driver to win and allow the magic of racing each week

To curve our mouths in a grin.

Dale, we miss you and we always will,

Racing will never be the same.

But in your memory we’ll continue to run and strive to be top in our game.

Rest In Peace Dale.


Thanks wanna for this poem. I realize how hard it was to write it but I also know that doing so was healing.