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This poem was done by da yomeister himself... loves ya yo!  Thanks for allowing me to put this on here :)

As I Saw It

 As I came out of the last turn,
 I felt my back tires start to burn!

 I saw the wall approaching fast,
 I said to myself, I can't last!

 But as the car came to a rest,
 I felt no pain within my chest!

 And standing right in front of me,
 My Dad was there for me to see!

 I shook my head and looked again,
 And there he stood with that warm-hearted grin!

 He told me that it was time to go,
 But I was confused, I felt real slow!

 I asked him what he meant just then,
 And he said that God wanted me in!

 I said there was too much I had to do,
 My family, My Friends, This just won't do!

 But then he grabbed me by the hand,
 I knew I was going to the promised land!

 As I flew up to Heaven's gate,
 There was no one that I could hate!

 I heard the crying from my fans,
 I waved to them with both my hands!

 I told my wife I loved her so,
 And my kids would wait till they would go!

 So people here and everywhere,
 I beg of you, do not dispair!

 In heaven, I sit on the stars,
 And watch the racers drive their cars!

 I am alive in all the polls,
 You keep me there inside your souls!

 And if you search for one to blame,
 In your Heart, you feel the shame!

 Remember me, compete and win,
 I'm thru the Gate, Rejoice, Begin!

 I know the pain is there you see,
 But go on with life, Like Neil and Me!

 by Jay R. Winter

 Dale, I miss you... I love you... And quit spinning out the angels!!!